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2013 Military BAH Rates for Housing


Average 3.8% Military Housing Rate & Allowance Increase for U.S. Service Members

Military Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates for 2013 are now available on the TDY Lodging website for government travel.

Military BAH rates throughout 2013 are an increase of 3.8% on average, with a corresponding decrease at roughly one in five locations.  The updated 2013 Military BAH Rates are the largest average increase in four years according to defense officials.  Despite an overall average increase, approximately one in five locations will see a rate decrease.

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2013 GSA Per Diem Rate Freeze

A lot of Per Diem Rate buzz has been generated recently by government and military travelers, and let’s not forget the hotel and housing industry.  The widely anticipated decision by the Government Services Administration to keep rates the same in FY 2013 as they were in 2012 was a calculated move on the government’s part.  Rather than decrease rates and risk an inquiry or dispute process driven by hoteliers opposed to a decrease in per diem rates, the GSA took what appears to be the path of least resistance by freezing rates.

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The Military District of Washington

Military District of Washington

WASHINGTON, DC – The Military District of Washington (MDW) is a major Army command which encompasses a total of five United States Army posts: Fort George G. Meade in Maryland; Fort Myer, Fort Belvoir and Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia; and Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, DC. More than 5,000 buildings fall under the scope of the MDW.

Washington DC Base Realignment- BRAC

The 2005 BRAC (Base Re-Alignment Commission) realigned and closed a significant number of military bases throughout the continental United States and Hawaii.  The island of Oahu saw the merger of what is now Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam.  Washington DC saw its own share of consolidation throughout the district which included Army and Marine Corps bases.

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Washington, DC Statehood – the New 51st State

Washington, D.C. is often mentioned as the most likely candidate for statehood alongside Puerto Rico, although Wikipedia claims that the Caribbean island is the most likely candidate.  Residents of Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens, but they don’t pay taxes and are unable to vote in presidential elections.

Statehood for Washington DC?

Other states that were recently added to the United States include Hawaii and Alaska.  Whether or not Washington DC will become the 51st or 52nd State is likely to happen at some point, although exactly how long it will take remains to be seen. Certain press venues including Mother Jones have even cited that President Barack Obama is a supporter of Washington DC becoming the 51st State.  Many sources have also been cited that if granted statehood, the name of Washington DC would become “New Columbia.”

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