2013 GSA Per Diem Rate Freeze

A lot of Per Diem Rate buzz has been generated recently by government and military travelers, and let’s not forget the hotel and housing industry.  The widely anticipated decision by the Government Services Administration to keep rates the same in FY 2013 as they were in 2012 was a calculated move on the government’s part.  Rather than decrease rates and risk an inquiry or dispute process driven by hoteliers opposed to a decrease in per diem rates, the GSA took what appears to be the path of least resistance by freezing rates.

FY 2013-2014 Per Diem Rates

Official rates reset every October 1st.  For the full list of locations and rates for travel see our Per Diem Rate Calculator page which has the most up to date information as well as a GSA powered query for current rates.  2013 BAH Rate Changes may or may not occur in January.

Comments from the TDY Lodging Editor

The decision by the GSA to freeze FY 2013 per diem rates represents a significant impact on the hotel industry by stabilizing rates at hundreds of thousands of room nights across the U.S.;  Most hotel and corporate housing providers using our reservation system currently offer nightly rates at or below the federal per diem rate so the overall change will be minimal.  However, what is significant is their commitment to not increase nightly rates which would force many travelers to pay out of pocket.  It’s a win-win situation for both the government and for hoteliers.

TDY Lodging has vowed to keep per diem rates the same for government and military travelers in accordance with the Government Services Administration (GSA) decision to freeze 2013 Federal Per Diem Rates. Although each lodging facility on our site is independently operated, almost every provider has pledged to keep rates at or below per diem throughout FY 2013. The GSA decision to keep rates the same was made in an effort to stabilize federal spending. TDY Lodging has vowed to follow suit by promising to keep rates flat at nearly all of the US Military Bases featured in the TDY Lodging system.

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